The evaluation and measurement of the students´ progress is considered to be part of the learning process.  The students have the opportunity to reflect about their achievements and set new goals for themselves in what refers to their school performance.  The main purpose is that the students develop a desire for improvement and success. 

The Grading scale used in Elementary is the following:

A  (Number grades from 90 to 100)                
B  (Number grades from 80 to 89)
C  (Number grades from 70 to 79)
D  (Number grades from  60 to 69)
N  (Needs Much Improvement, Number grades below 60)

Passing Grade is 60.

In Elementary, the students receive a Conduct grade which is based on the teacher’s appreciation of the student in different aspects of his/her behavior.

Report Cards are given to the parents at the end of each Quarter by means of an individual conference with the teacher.